Yahoo messenger going away

Yahoo Messenger going away on July 17, Redirects users to Squirrel

Yahoo Messenger going away on July 17

In 1998, Yahoo started chat service yahoo messenger. It was famous as a chatting application in the entire world. But yahoo messenger is going away.

After over 20 years of connectivity between friends, family, and relatives around the world, It will go away on July 17.

Yahoo authority said they would redirect the users to their new group messaging app Squirrel. However, Yahoo also said users who have chatting history in yahoo messenger; they can download it on personal computers or devices by the end of November of this year.

Yahoo messenger going away

To download chat history, users first need to sign in to download request site. After the verification method, the user will have to enter their account key there. After that, have to click on the download and wait for the file.

Yahoo is running the Squirrel app experimentally for a month, and it will be open after 17 of July. Those who are interested in using squirrel, they can run the innovative app.

In 2015, Yahoo released the new version of the messenger with modern design and features.

What do you think? After Yahoo messenger going away, the new group messaging app Squirrel can get popularity? Please comment below and share.

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You can download squirrel apps from


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