uses for silica gel packets

7 Secret of uses for silica gel packets

Many people have no idea about uses for silica gel packets. Although, it is possible to do many things using these silica gel packets. Silica gel absorbs moisture and keep any product dry. Today in our article we will share 7 secrets of uses for silica gel packets.

Uses for Silica Gel Packets

1. Silica Gel Keeps Your Camera Well

If you keep your camera in normal weather, it will lose its value. But if you put the camera in a box or packet and put silica gel inside it, then it will be good for a long time.

2. Silica Gel Keeps mobile phone from the water

When the mobile phone falls into the water or gets wet, then first remove the SIM from the mobile phone. Then put silica gel packet in an airtight bowl. Keep the mobile phone in the container for few days. Silica gel packets will absorb all the water from the mobile. And it will also protect the phone from being damaged.

3. Silica Gel Save paper

Put silica gel packets in the box of papers. It will protect your paper from insects and bacteria.

4. Keep still photos save

Keep the silica packet on still photos to save it from fungus.

5. Silica gel keeps the clothes dry

After winter, we keep the worm clothes in the cupboard for the next year. When we get it out next year, there is a kind of odour in the cloth. So while keeping the winter clothes, keep two to three silica packets and fold it. There will be no odour on the clothes.

6. Silica gel increase shaving razors stability

Shaving Razor may be rusted for long time use. So keep the razor in a container with some silica gel packets. It will prevent rust.

7. Maintain the quality of the jewellery

Keep your jewellery with silica gel in a closed container, and then it will be good for a long time.

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