Microsoft wants to buy Github

Microsoft wants to buy Github

Microsoft wants to buy Github.Microsoft has asked about buying software developer company GitHub. In the past few weeks, two organizations have discussed this.

A person taking part in the discussion told CNBC that the two companies are thinking of a joint marketing partner and it will cost around three and a half million US dollars. He said the discussion has progressed towards investment or direct acquisitions. He also said GitHub acquisition price is so much more than buy it.

In the last funding round of 2015, the price of GitHub was $200 million. According to the value of the previous year, it will be worth 500 million dollars or more.

GitHub is an important tool for software developers. Developers keep tabs on the code, monitor updates, and discuss issues. This company has over 2.3 million customers.

The organization is on the path of earning more than $200 million from registration. Microsoft has also tried to buy this company in 2016.


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