How is Amazon So Successful

How is Amazon So Successful? Answer is Pizza!

How is Amazon So Successful?

Hello friends, welcome to our new article. Our today’s article is pretty different from others. Today we will discuss the success story of biggest e-commerce platform amazon. I think also you have this question how is Amazon so successful.

The biggest e-commerce website in the world is Amazon. And Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) is the world’s richest person for this e-commerce business.  How is Amazon so successful? The answer is pizza!

At the start of Amazon, Jeff Bezos introduced a rule called ‘Two Pizza Rule’ or two pizza theory. The main thing is that every internal group of the Amazon should be so small that two pizzas can feed the whole group. The purpose behind Jeff Bezos’s rule is not to reduce the cost of food. Bezos initially took this decision for two purposes – Functionality and Criteria.

The small group takes less time to complete any work. It is also easy to manage a small team, and it can be quickly updated with any instructions and information of the team members. The team members can concentrate more time on the work.

However, Bezos’s second objective is having played the most roles behind Amazon’s success. Because, Bezos’s second goal behind creating small teams was that, all the team members could work together and everyone can use any of the resources of the organization together to achieve their big goals.

And due to the introduction of this two-pizza rule, Amazon has become the world’s number one e-commerce platform.

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