Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Welcome to our new article Home remedies to quit smoking. Smoking is a bad habit. When this lousy habit becomes addictive, it can damage you physically. So it is best to give up the smoking habit. However, it is difficult for all smokers to quit smoking. One of the main reasons is when the person first stopped smoking. He faces side effects. Due to this side effect, it is difficult to quit smoking.

The number of smokers in the entire world is increasing. Also, to avoid the addiction of smoking, many people have seen the face of failure repeatedly.

Some home remedies help to quit smoking. If you are patient to quit smoking, hope this home remedies will help you. Let reading of those home remedies to quit smoking.

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking


Some vitamins and proteins of honey help to keep nicotine out of the body and to control the desire to smoke cigarettes. As a result, there is no problem quit smoking with the regular fixed amount of honey.


Make a mixture with a glass of radish juice and honey and drink it twice a day regularly reduce the desire of smoking. Not only smoking, but Ayurveda experts also depend on radish for quit any addiction.

Chilli powder

In many researchers have shown that if you eat chilli powder regularly. Your lungs power will increase. Also, the desire to smoke decreased.  Take a glass of water and one pinch of chilli powder. Mixed it and drink it and see the benefit.

Grape juice

Lungs performance will increase when nicotine toxin level reduces. Not only that, the desire for smoking decreased. The grape juice helps to release toxin from the lungs.

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