Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

Everyone is suffering from some physical problems in the summer like fever, secretion. But many people may be affected by the heat stroke. Hit stroke may cause death. So during the summer, we should be careful. Today we will discuss great home remedies for heat stroke. Before the main discussion, let’s not know about the symptoms of a heat stroke and what we should do in heat stroke.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

The following symptoms happen in heat stroke.

  1. Pain in muscle.
  2. Weakness.
  3. Thirstiness.
  4. Rapid breathing.
  5. Headaches.
  6. Nausea.
  7. Abnormal body temperature.
  8. Become senseless.

What should do in heat stroke?

Remove the clothes from the patient’s body. Wet his body with water and keep him in a free space where air available. Give ice on his shoulders and armpits. If the patient has sense, give him food, saline and shift him to the hospital quickly.

Now let’s discuss our main topics, home remedies for heat stroke.

Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

Green Mango Juice

Green mango juice is beneficial in summer. It keeps the body fresh and reduces the risk of hit the stroke.

Green Coconut Water

Almost everyone knows about the importance of green coconut water. Green coconut water is an excellent home remedy for heat stroke. Drink green coconut water to get rid of the hot summer and feel fresh. It reduces thirst and keeps moisture for a long time.


In Ayurveda, drinking a glass of buttermilk every day is beneficial for the body. It is an excellent source of probiotic and works fast in dehydration. So drink buttermilk to reduce thirstiness in summer.

Tamarind Juice

It is a delicious juice, and everyone loves it. Besides, the most useful of drinking this juice in the summer is useful. Tamarind is the excellent source of vitamin and electrolyte. Tamarind juice also helps keep the body cold and solve various stomach problems.

Onion Juice

Onion juice is one of the best home remedies to avoid heat strokes. Many dislike it for taste. But its onion juice medicinal properties are excellent. It helps to save from heat stroke.

Coriander and mint Juice

The natural ingredient of coriander and mint keeps the body cool in summer. It is suitable for decoding high quality ‘detoxification’ or body contaminated substances. Drinking coriander and mint juice in the empty stomach are better for the body.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is unique to be safe from sunscreen. It helps digestion, reduces chronic irritation of the chest, and reduces various abdominal problems. A glass of Aloe Vera juice can reduce the risk of heat stroke.

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