fix water damaged phone

How do you fix water damaged phone without going servicing center?

Hello, friends welcome to our new post. Recently a reader asks me a question like that when the phone damaged in the water; it will shut down. But it is not possible to go to the servicing center all the time. So, How to fix water damaged phone at home?

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fix water damaged phone

Today in this article we will share tips to fix water damaged phone. Read the full article and stay with us.

Fix Water Damaged Phone

fix water damaged phone

Clean the water with a dry cloth

When your phone is wet, clean it properly with a dry cloth as soon as possible. If it is wet for a long time, the short circuit can damage it, and you would lose all the data. So clean it quickly.

Remove the spare parts

Remove the spare parts of your phone such as the battery, SIM card, and memory card. Also, clean them with a dry cloth.

Keep your SIM card dry

Remove your SIM card from the phone and keep it in a warm place like in sunshine or under a lamp or bulb. Then insert the SIM card.


Do not insert the battery before 24 hours. Keep the battery in the rice bag. Rice consumes excessive dampness of the battery.

Do not heat your phone with the hairdryer or other hot appliances

Many people try to dry the phone using the hairdryer when the phone is wet.

If you want to save the phone, don’t do this. It will damage your phone for the lifetime, and you will never get your phone back. Many of the inner parts will melt.

If your phone is not running after following the tips, then take the phone to the service center.

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