Facebook bringing new technology to delete fake post

Facebook bringing new technology to delete fake, provocative posts automatically

Facebook bringing new technology to delete fake, provocative posts automatically

A Facebook official says, they will remove the fake, provocative, objectionable and controversial post from Facebook. If any user posts these types of the post in their timeline, it will remove automatically.

Recently Facebook successfully implemented this technology in Sri Lanka. They will apply this technology all over the world in the next few months.
Facebook is going to a policy change. In this way, the post owner will also not see the deleted post.

How Facebook identify these posts?

To identify these type post, Facebook creates a network with the local administration, voluntary organizations and people of different levels. The network is being expanded all over the world. Along with this, the surveillance system is being further strengthened.

It is to be mentioned that, a few days ago social media in Sri Lanka has been spreading rumors that people of Muslim community sell food poison to Buddhist. Violence spreads through it. Then Facebook applied this policy in Sri Lanka and started erasing all the provocative posts. For this reason, Facebook implemented this process all over the world.

Until so long, the Facebook authorities did not delete any posts. If someone reports, it will remove or delete them only if they have a complaint. The Facebook authorities will remove this an objectionable post in the new system itself.

Earlier on 18th July, Facebook said in an event in New York that they would not remove the false news. they also said removal of various posts was contrary to the fundamental principles of freedom of expression. False news does not violate their community standards. They said the posts that appear to be fake are kept in the bottom of the news feed.

“Russia tried to influence the voters using the use of social media in the US presidential election”. This rumor spread during the US presidential election. After covering this rumor, Facebook monitored the fake news.


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