Facebook Blocked Over 580 Million Fake Accounts

Facebook Blocked Over 580 Million Fake Accounts

Favorite social media Facebook blocked 580 million of fake accounts in three months from January to March 2018. At the same time, they deleted more than 860 million of posts.

On 15 may, for the first time Facebook brief this report. In the statement, Facebook says that 3 to 4 percent of their registered accounts are fake.

Facebook authorities also said that they deleted the post and account for in 6 significant issues. These six issues are:

1. Graphic violence

2. Perverted sex

3. Terrorism

4. Hostile propaganda

5. Spam messages and

6. Fake accounts

The majority of these posts are spam messages, and it is about 830 million. Besides, 200 million perverted sexuality; 2.5 million for hostile propaganda, and 3.4 million for graphic violence.

Featured Image Courtesy by thoughtcatalog.com



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