Your Face will Say What Your Mind Wants Right Now

Your Face will Say What Your Mind Wants Right Now

Face will Say What Your Mind Wants

It is hard to understand the minds of many people together. However, that is now possible with the help of technology. Face recognition or facial recognition technology is using to monitor and analyze the behavior of students in a Chinese school.

The technology looks after the students Expression and saves it after every 30 seconds. It is trying to understand the student’s expression like are they delightfulness, angry, scared, confusing, or upset. It is tracking they are writing, reading, and raising their hands for questioning or sleeping on the desk, holding them.

Chinese media said the technology instantly receives students’ attendance and only by showing their appearance. Students can pay tiffin money in the canteen or borrowing books from the library with this technology. This whole system is called ‘Intelligent Classroom Behavior Management System.’

The vice principal of Hangzhou Number Eleven High School said the school’s information is secret. Because, this technology contains none pictures, but only observes the information about the students. Apart from that, the whole work is connected to the school’s local server. Not in the cloud computing system.

Concerns over security in Chinese kindergartens have increased due to violence and suspicious issues. And it is possible to predict the offenses with the help of facial recognition technology.

Not only in China, earlier in this year, surveillance cameras were also installed in Indian government schools in New Delhi. This technology allows parents to see right class images.

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