summit supercomputer

Summit Supercomputer|Most Powerful Computer in the World

Jul 26, 2018 AmazingInsite 0

Summit Supercomputer | Most Powerful Computer in the World The US scientists introduced the world’s most powerful and advanced scientific supercomputer. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) of US Department of Energy made this, and they named it Summit. It is eight times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer TITAN. [ Read More ]

List of iOS 12 supported devices

List of iOS 12 supported devices

Jun 8, 2018 AmazingInsite 31

Apple announced the next version of the mobile operating system for their iPhone and iPad. On June 4, Apple announced the update of the new developments in the Worldwide Developer Conference. Apple Authority has said iOS 12 would installed on all devices that support the iOS 11 version. Many new [ Read More ]

Microsoft wants to buy Github

Microsoft wants to buy Github

Jun 4, 2018 AmazingInsite 0

Microsoft wants to buy Github Microsoft wants to buy Github.Microsoft has asked about buying software developer company GitHub. In the past few weeks, two organizations have discussed this. A person taking part in the discussion told CNBC that the two companies are thinking of a joint marketing partner and it [ Read More ]

Apps to Learn Languages

5 Fantastic Android Apps to Learn Languages

May 22, 2018 AmazingInsite 2

Apps to Learn Languages It is not easy to learn a new language. Also, it is a costly and time-consuming process to learn new languages. However, technology will help to learn new languages. Today our article is about some fantastic Android apps to learn languages. Want to travel the world? [ Read More ]