Automated virtual reality therapy helps people overcome Phobia of Heights

Automated virtual reality therapy helps people overcome fear of Heights

Many people have fear of height. The phobia of height is known as acrophobia.

To overcome this problem, Automated Virtual Reality (VR) based psychological therapies may be of great help. In a recent study, the information has emerged.

Researchers at the Oxford University of the United Kingdom run this research.

They undertook various activities with the people taking part in the study, to win the fear. They published the research paper in the lancet psychiatry magazine.

Researcher Daniel Freeman said there is no need for a doctor to take an immersive VR therapy.

They have found it that, unlike conventional therapy, VR treatment is effective, faster and more likely to be taken to the patient. This automatic treatment is a low-cost treatment.

At the time of this research, they give treatment to 100 peoples who take none treatment of acrophobia before.

They divided patients into two groups. It gives one group automatic (VR) therapy and conventional therapy for another group. There was no treatment for the phobia of heights before.

For two weeks, VR treatment was given for 30 minutes six times a day. They carry out various activities related to their VR headset. The researchers gave them courage.

At the end of the research, patients said they had overcome the height phobia.



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