3D colour X-ray

3D colour X-ray | The science of diagnosis is another step

3D colour X-ray

No more black or 2D X-ray. Scientists have developed 3D color X-ray.

This Colour X-ray can take the image of internal organs more clearly and accurately.

In this innovation, researchers took a further step in the diagnosis of medical science.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have finally successfully develop of 3D X-ray after 20 years of research.

By using particle tracking technology, CREN scientists have discovered that. The head of the researcher’s team, Phil Butler said, no other device will take a very accurate picture.

He said this special 3D X-ray would make the body’s bone, cartilage and muscles more clearly and determines the proper plantation and its condition.

Doctors say in the dark 2D X-ray, sometimes the body’s internal inflammation, blood-type or unusual colour cannot be understand accurately. If there is a 3D colour X-ray plate, the diagnosis will be very beneficial.

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